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Wye Invader Still in Symonds Yat

The Wye Invader a 230 ton, 38m long dutch barge is still sat above the rapids here at Symonds Yat today on its journey back down the Wye. The barge built in the 1930’s was originally taken up the Wye in 1989 with the idea of being a floating restaurant at Hereford, unfortunately planning permission was never granted for the floating restaurant and it has more recently been on the side of the river south of Hereford.  It’s the largest vessel ever to navigate the Wye and the trip up took nearly a year. On the 29th November 2012 whilst the river was in flood the barge started to make it’s way down river, with only a few minor collisions the Invader made it to Symonds Yat and has been here ever since, moored just above the rapids. It is said that the barge is on it’s way down river to the river Severn and dry dock, then what happen’s we are unsure about, there are rumours that it is to go back up the Wye, but who know’s. If you have any more information please let us know.

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The Wye Invader sat above Symonds Yat rapids.


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