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Charity Events & Challenges

Wye Canoes are proud to sponsor a number of charities and help fundraisers wherever possible. Every year we have a variety of groups contact us wanting to raising money for worthy and needy causes or just for a personal challenge for their social club, to make life easier we have put together what we believe are some very challenging trips, these trips are no walk in the park and on average and more than double a normal day paddling the river. They should take around 6-8 hours a day and require plenty of planning. All of the trips we’ve organised can be guided or unguided apart from the Brockweir to Chepstow part of the Wye 100 Challenge which requires a guide whatever. We have in the past even included an orienteering challenge within the canoe challenge so if you fancy more than just the river don’t hesitate to ask. You can find details of the three Wye Canoes River Challenges below.

These River Wye canoe challenges are not for the average paddler and each person participating needs to understand exactly what they will be taking on. You will be paddling over 20 miles per day and travelling at around 2-3 miles an hour that means over 7 hours paddling most days.

Preparation is very important and groups must understand that they will be travelling at the pace of the slowest canoe so team work is essential. Groups must carry plenty of supplies such as, water, suncream, high energy snacks, warm clothing etc, and mobile phones are a must.

We are all experienced and qualified Rescue Emergency Care First Aiders at Wye Canoes and White Water Rescue staff are on call 24 hours a day, but when you are 20 miles from us and unguided, on your own, you need to be prepared for any situation.

We are able to provide highly experienced and qualified instructors and river guides for your canoe trip, simply ask when requesting a quote, and another great thing about taking guides with you is that it means you can paddle at any time of year and in any water conditions.

Ross-on-Wye to Redbrook - Wye 1 Day Challenge Canoe Trip
Wye Canoes 1 Day River Challenge

Ross To Redbrook – approx 22 miles

Whitney to Redbrook - Wye 3 Day Challenge Canoe Trip
Wye Canoes 3 Day River Challenge

Whitney to Redbrook – approx 74 miles

Glasbury Bridge start of the Wye 100
Chepstow end of the Wye 100
Ultimate River Wye Challenge

Glasbury to Chepstow – approx 100 miles



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